High-Quality Rehabilitation Rehab Cape Town

Addiction Rehabilitation in Cape Town, South Africa

Are you ready to start dealing with your alcohol or drug problem? Deciding to finally step into sobriety or abstinence will require the changing many parts of ourselves or our lifestyles.

This usually starts by how you handle stress and stressors in your life then moves on to the people in your life. Figuring out what to do in your free time and starting a concerted look at self-care and what and how you see yourself and present yourself to the world. It is completely normal to feel conflicted about stopping any addiction, it takes a bit of time before you can see the wood from the trees.

Personal Therapy

One on one daily therapy sessions in South Africa will ensure that you rapidly get down to the nuts and bolts of what is fuelling your addiction and start removing the blocks that are holding your recovery back.

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Intervention Support

Helping a loved one into treatment can be a heartbreaking and daunting ordeal. This is why we provide specilised counselling that will help with the process.

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Affordable Quality Care

Cape Town, South Africa is perhaps one of the most affordable regions in the world for addiction recovery. High quality centres for long stay treatment at the fraction of the cost of local treatment in the UK.

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Online Continuum

Extended care through 24/7 online recovery programme you re able to engage with a global recovery community and continue to recieve the support, care and guidance through the uniquelt guided care programme.

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Treatment Methods

Leading edge, evidence-based addiction care menas that you truely come to terms with what is driving your addiciton. No more 12 step meetings required. Once you come to terms with the process you will once again be a peace and able to carry on with your life without substances.

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After Care

Having develped one of the best aftercare programmes in the world is now available through guided series of ambulatory services including online tuition, meetings, groups and remote counselling services.

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High-Quality Rehabilitation Rehab South Africa