Best Addiction Care Programme in the World Rehab Cape Town

Why South Africa Is Such a Good Destination For High-Quality Addiction Rehabilitation

For the last 20 years Cape Town has been the destination of choice for addiction recovery for thousands of people suffering from substance use disorders such as drug and alcohol addiction. Some of the biggest medical aid partners in Holland and the United Kingdom choose to admit patients into centers in Cape Town primarily due to the high standard of health care provided by premium treatment centers and the value of money services included with the weak Rand to Pound, Euro or Dollar exchange rate.

The private care drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs feature some of the best non-12 step, complex trauma resolution recovery centres in the world. which include highly focused intensive one on one talk therapy as a primary modality for breaking the addiction cycles permanently.

The success of these centres is unsurpassed in the global industry of addiction recovery where 70+% of global centres still use the dated 12 step ideology based treatment methods to "treat" the critical drivers of addiction disorders. Invariably this approach leads to extended admission times and greater risk of relapse and re-admission. Relapse and re-admission invariably skyrocket the cost of breaking an addiction disorder and place patients admitted into treatment at further risk that is unnecessary.

The fractional cost of private focused treatment in South Africa is an insignificant cost in comparison to quality private care in Europe the United Kingdom or the United States that remains unattainable to the wide majority of people that would need to seek government institutional care in their home country. Even factoring in the costs of international flights Cape Town in South Africa features top of the list in terms of luxury private care rehabs in the world.

Best Addiction Care Programme in the World Rehab South Africa